New Look!!

Luckily I don't look like this anymore. . .

In case you’re wondering, the title of this post refers to my blog, and not to me. I did manage to finally get down to my pre-trip weight again–after five months!

As you’ve probably already figured out, “Reflections on Gaining Weight. . .” is my last post about Italy. I’m a bit melancholy about saying good-bye to our wonderful trip–I had such fun writing about it and sharing it with you all! It was like getting to go on the trip all over again. I’m not completely ready to put the Italy posts away for good, though. I have a plan for them–but more on that later.

I have to admit I’m more excited than melancholy, however, because now I can get down to what this blog’s really supposed to be about: books (my own included), reading, writing, language–in short, the topics dearest to my heart. I’m hoping to keep you, my faithful readers, interested, entertained, and maybe even involved, to the point where you won’t mind the fact that there aren’t any more pictures. : (  Well, maybe once in a while there will be. . .

In honor of the big changes ahead, I’ve decided to give my blog a whole new look, with the help of my new friend Bob, the Word Press guy. I’m pretty clueless when it comes to cyber-tech, and he’s helping me out. I haven’t been working with him very long, but I already highly recommend his services, in case any of you out there happen to have a WP blog and need help.

SO. . . (drum roll), I’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks to get all this in place, since I know you’ll all be busy with the holidays anyway, and Magic and the Muse will be back shortly after the New Year, all dressed up and ready to roll! Until then, I wish all of you a joyous, peaceful, heartwarming holiday.

Hugs, Annie